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            What is the field-level indicator & how is it calculated?

            What is it? 

            The field-level indicator is the average value of all indicator values of sensor stations contained within a particular field.

            For example, let's say we have a field with 3 sensors & the following individual soil moisture readings:
            1. -5
            2. -8
            3. -8
            The field-level indicator would be the average of the 3 sensor readings, -7.
            (5+8+8) / 3

            21 / 3 = 7

            Where is it on the Dashboard?

            ​The field-level indicator is located on the Field page of the Dashboard. It is the value contained in the colored circle associated with each field. In the example below, the field-level indicator is -5, which is considered Wet.

            Updated: 09 Apr 2019 09:21 AM
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