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            How do I create a custom soil texture?

            Want to customize your "wet/ok" and "ok/dry" thresholds? Create a custom soil texture!

            Navigate to the sensor page where you'd like to create a custom soil type:

            Click the pencil icon to edit your sensor information:

            Click your current soil texture (see green rectangle below):

            A new window will pop-up. Click "Add New" (see green rectangle below) to add a new soil texture:

            Enter the name of the new soil texture ("New Texture" in the example below), as well as the "Wet"/"OK" threshold and the "OK"/"Dry" threshold. 

            Click "Add" to add the new soil texture.

            To select the new soil texture, click the circle next to it in the table (see green rectangle below):

            Click "Confirm" to save your selection:

            Your new soil texture will show up in the Sensor Summary section. Click the green checkmark to save your changes:

            That's it! You'll notice the soil moisture chart will change to reflect the new thresholds. In this example, the Wet range is from 0 kPa to -5 kPa, the OK range is from -5 kPa to -20 kPa, and the Dry range is -20 kPa and below.

            Updated: 09 Apr 2019 06:50 AM
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